The Bubble

Welcome to my Blog. I’ve decided to make it a plan to write a blog every week on my website. Some of you might engage, others may not care about the thoughts behind my words but I will try my best to make it worth your while.

I have had a long arduous 12 months as many of you know. So I will share a few things with you. First off, I’ve had to crawl into a bubble and kind of maneuver from there. In the past few months I have met a few other musicians who suffered from similar injuries as I have. One plays in the band L7 and the other is one of the most amazing keys player I have ever heard Both of these people had freak accidents involving broken orbitals. The orbital is the high cheek bone in your face that sits below your eye. These people might not have been damaged as seriously as I was but one of them almost lost his eye too. They are both in good working order, happy and healthy and functional. That is what we do. We look toward tomorrow to keep us motivated, inspired and moving toward whatever is in the distance. As a songwriter, that is not always best for the craft. Sometimes you have to be completely immersed in the moment to craft a brilliant lyric. For the most part, I want every single song to be brilliant but that is a hard pursuit. The last song I wrote that I am proud of is called “Second Hand Heart”. Here are the lyrics:

He flew across the water

Across the dirty sky

And left behind his earthly needs and troubles to get by

A Second Hand heart, A Second Hand heart

He was digging for his freedom

He was digging what he found

He was digging to unearth himself from everything around

A Second Hand heart, A Second Hand heart

I looked at you, racing through loveless time

I wish I could, I couldn’t give you what was mine

His ghost was in the closet

His work was in the street

His clothes were scattered ‘round town in abandoned car backseats

A Second Hand heart, A Second Hand heart

I looked at you racing through loveless tiime

I wish I could, I couldn’t give you what was mine

He was looking for an answer

He was looking for the sun

He was looking for the Holy Ghost, the one out on the run

A Second Hand heart, A Second Hand heart, A Second Hand heart


So I wrote that about 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve written songs, but I’ve kept a distance from the abyss of my soul. I’ve been listening to other writers. I’m stuck today on Courtney Barnett but I combed through all of her interviews and realized her school of rock is Nirvana. I get that. I’m a Kurt Vile fan and that’s how I came upon Courtney Barnett. How is it possible we get another Kurt and Courtney? Whatever, I love the Kurt Vile song and video called “Bassackwards” and I want to get to Central Park on July 25th to see him perform but I now have a gig on July 31 and the 25th is my first band rehearsal since prior to my accident 7 months ago. I don’t plan on missing my rehearsal for anybody or anything. So back to that deep abyss. Since my accident, I’ve steered away. I have had to shut that door for my sanity. In order to heal, I have to think about positivity. You have to put yourself in a lovely bubble and stay there for as long as you need to. This is possible. It is completely possible to live your entire life in a bubble of your making. It’s been this bubble that keeps the demons dormant. I’m still in my bubble. All that is fine for now.